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The new UTSOA website is designed to be a place where faculty, staff, and students can individually upload, edit, and manage content according to the content type. Once content is created by an individual, it can be highlighted on their personal profile page, and can be enhanced by linking it to other content types and/or to the profile(s) of others within UTSOA. Content may also be chosen to be highlighted on the home page through a curatorial process, which is currently evolving. (More details on this process will be posted to this page as they become available.)

The two most important things to consider when creating content, it is the content type and the visual representation. Without these, content may not be appropriately categorized and/or may not be chosen to be highlighted on the home page. Please note that pages on the site that aggregate lists of other pages (known as Views) are only editable by the UTSOA webmaster.

Ready to get started? Begin by logging into the site

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