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If you are interested in applying to work at the Technology Lab, this page will tell you everything you need to know about our process and what we are looking for in team members.


All graduate students who are currently enrolled full-time in UTSOA graduate programs and meet the University Eligibility Requirements for Student Staff positions are eligible to apply (including ITA for international students).

Application Process

The Graduate Office of the UTSOA runs a Teaching Assistant application process every semester. The process usually runs in November for the Spring semester and in April for the Summer and Fall semester. In order to be considered for a position, students must participate in this process and select the Technology Lab as one of their ranked choices, as the Technology Lab hiring process does not take this ranking into account in making selections. Those who participate in this process will be emailed a link to complete an inline application (Fall & Spring only) which contains two sections: a technology experience inventory and a short-answer essay section. The short-answer essay portion is the main focus of the interview, with the software inventory used only for tie-breaking and occasionally necessary team skills balancing. Students who complete the online application are then evaluated and a number of interviews are scheduled depending on the number of open positions.  The number of open positions varies from semester to semester, there are currently 10 TA positions for the Technology Lab desk. Current employees who perform adequately in our peer evaluation process are often invited to stay on the team. Vacancies are most often created by students accepting other TA/RA positions in the school, going out on residency, or graduating.  In the rare semesters when there is no turnover, we will sometimes interview and rank as alternates a small number of students from that year's applications - last minute or unanticipated vacancies happen from time to time. If you are contacted for an interview, the number of positions and hiring probabilities for that semester will be shared with you. We do not solicit resumes and/or portfolios, this keeps our application process apples-to-apples across our diverse recruiting pool.

Job Expectations

  • Work at the Technology Lab desk (up to 18 hours per week)
    • Help Computer Classroom and Technology Lab users
    • Supplies, maintenance, and job processing on printers, plotters, and digital fabrication equipment
    • Help faculty and students with classroom and studio technology
    • Help Technology Office staff with technology and service-related projects
    • Help students with their laptop computer and/or software issues
  • Attend weekly staff meetings (Tuesdays from 11 am to noon) - 1 hour per week
  • Attend weekly staff training sessions (Thursdays from 11 am to noon) - 1 hour per week
  • Do Tech Lab Outreach to new students: training on printing, plotting, and fabrication
  • The total number of hours to be worked during an average long semester (Fall or Spring) is about 300

Applicant Requirements

Our core requirements are:

  1. The ability and willingness to work in a fast-paced, friendly customer service environment
  2. Competence, comfort, and curiosity with respect to technology
  3. Practice good judgment, honesty, and integrity regarding team members and resource access

Our staff members come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some know a lot of applications, while others have mastered only a few. But what we have found is critical for success in the role is a willingness to engage in customer service and to learn a lot of new information about a variety of technologies. We are committed to a regular schedule of on-the-job and structured training to make sure that our team members acquire the knowledge and skills that they need to be successful at the job.

There is a mandatory 2-day training at the beginning of each long semester, normally scheduled on the Monday and Tuesday before classes begin. 

All team members must also be available for weekly staff training and staff meeting times (Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 AM to noon), the SOA does not schedule courses during this time and it is the responsibility of the student to not schedule outside electives during these times.


The compensation level is the same for all TAs in the School of Architecture. Up-to-date information on compensation, tuition assistance, and benefits is available through the Office of Graduate Studies. Additionally, insurance orientation for graduate student employees is available through UTLearn.


At the beginning of each semester, the team will complete the availability survey and then get together to discuss and establish the Technology Lab desk shift patterns/schedule for the semester. During this process, each team member will be able to declare hours when they are unavailable due to classes or other serious obligations as well as hours that they prefer to work. By optimizing these preference matrices we arrive at a regular weekly schedule that is as fair and optimal for every team member as possible.  Applicants should expect to work at least one weekend shift.  Shifts can vary from 2 - 8 hours depending on preferences. On average most Technology Lab desk staff work either four shifts that average 4 hours/shift or three shifts that average a little over 5 hours/shift.


Our team engages in an active process of peer and self-evaluation each semester. These evaluations are the primary tool by which computer Technology Lab desk TA's job performance is evaluated. The decision to re-hire TA's from one semester to the next semester is based on the evaluation process.