Note: As of March 2016, VPN connection now require two-factor authentication via DUO. More information is on the ITS website.

Step-by-step guide

Install Cisco AnyConnect

  1. Navigate to the following address, , and enter your UT EID credentials
  2. The page will redirect to a Cisco/Java-based diagnostics program will detect your operating system and prompt you with the correct version of Cisco AnyConnect to install
  3. Download and run the installer

Connect to the VPN

  1. Launch Cisco AnyConnect
  2. When prompted to "Verify your network connection" enter the URL,, and click Connect.
  3. A second window will then pop up where you are prompted to enter in your UT EID, password, and "Duo Passcode"
  4. Enter one of the following commands or a numeric passcode generated in the Duo App into the "Duo Passcode" field:
    1. push (Send a notification to your registered mobile device)
    2. sms (Send an SMS to your registered cell phone)
    3. phone (Send a call to your registered phone number)
  5. Click OK and complete the two-factor authentication to connect to the UT VPN.