There are two types of reservations, each with durations of 30, 60, and 90 minutes. The minimum lead time to book a Laser Cutter reservation is 30 minutes

  • Acrylic/Wood
    • Cutting or etching acrylic or wood, or etching marble, glass, or metal
      • Using these materials on a Regular reservation counts as a policy offense, as the filtration system isn't equipped to handle them
  • Cardboard/Chipboard
    • Cutting cardboard, chip, Bristol, or museum board

How to Reserve a Laser Cutter on Bookings

  1. Visit our Bookings page

  2. If you aren't certified yet:
    1. Select 'Laser Cutter Certification Training'
      1. You must pass the Laser Cutter Certification quiz with 100% before making this reservation
  3. If you are certified already:

    1. If you're cutting any material other than cardboard, chip, Bristol, or museum board, select the ACRYLIC/WOOD reservation type
      1. This lets us know which laser cutter ventilation system type you'll need for your material and prevents irreversible damage to the systems
      2. Cutting any material other than cardboard, chip, Bristol, or museum board on the standard reservation type will cause you to lose your reservation, be fined, and be placed on the Greylist*
        1. If you're already on the Greylist*, you will be placed on the Blacklist**
    2. Select a reservation length (options are 30, 60 & 90 minutes)

      1. You must be on our list of certified users before making this reservation
      2. You may not reserve more than 90 minutes per day
  4. Select a day

    1. You can reserve up to 3 days in advance

  5. Select a time

  6. Enter your full name, e-mail address, EID, and answer the additional questions

  7. Click "Book"

  8. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with a calendar event
    1. Plan to arrive at your reservation on time with your file ready and your materials in hand
    2. You should arrive no later than 5 minutes into your reservation
    3. No-show reservations will be canceled and fined

Check-in and Check-out at the Tech Desk

This helps us ensure that you've selected the proper reservation type for the material you're cutting and that the material you wish to cut is approved.

Arrive On Time & Prepared 

You need to have all your prep work: files, templates, materials, etc. completed BEFORE the start of your reservation. 

If you have not arrived within 5 minutes (on time for certifications) of your reservation start time...

  • We will cancel your reservation
  • You will be fined $10 per 30 minutes of the reserved time
  • You will be added to the Greylist*

If you leave the laser cutter room to go purchase materials, etc...

  • Your reservation will be canceled

If you reserve more than 90 minutes per day...

  • Your shorter reservation will be canceled
  • You will be added to the Greylist*

Perform Material Tests

Due to material variations inherent in production and to each laser's power (affected by usage), you must complete a materials test before every new cutting session. It is not always possible to use the exact same settings from day to day or from machine to machine.

Finish On Time 

You know how long your reservation is, so please wrap up on time; that way, the next person can begin their reservation on time. Don't begin another cut if your time is almost up. The final reservation for the day ends at 7:45 p.m. so that our staff can perform closing duties and leave on time.


If you cancel your reservation...

  • More than 2 hours before your reservation...
    • There is no charge
  • Less than 2 hours before your reservation...
    • You will be fined $2.50 per 30 minutes of the reserved time
  • Less than 1 hour before your reservation...
    • You will be fined $5.00 per 30 minutes of the reserved time