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At times, you may need to create a Page that lists user profiles, like these:


First, make sure ’Text format’ is set to HTML:

In the body, add one of two codes:

 Long teaser  (includes Headshot, Full Name, Official Title, Bio, UTSOA Degree, Supplementary Title; e.g 


 Teaser (includes Headshot, Full Name, Official Title, Supplementary Title, Honors, Email; e.g.



All users who have checked the "Display my profile" option in their profile will be shown in alphabetical order by last name.  (Students do not have this box checked by default, while Faculty and Staff do not have the ability to uncheck the option.)

You can use the code as many times as necessary, with other HTML elements in between, if you want a different structure.  For example, the Urban Information Lab, shown above, has this in the Body:


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