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The 'My Files' option on the admin menu is broken down into two file managers: My Documents and My Images.
In order to access either file manager, you go choose either My Documents or My Images, as the My Files link is intentionally a non-working link.


Both file managers have the same basic functions:

  1. Click to begin uploading a file. More information is here: Media Uploader & Linking Existing Media 
    File search tools:
  2. Enter any part of a file name and click apply (or press enter) to return a list of search results. This will only search files that you uploaded.
  3. You can also search by date using the 'Sort by' menu to organize files by date or by file name.
  4. The 'Order' menu allows you sort files by ascending or descending order and can be applied with or without any changes to the previous search tools.
  5. Click the file name to preview it. (This will also give you edit, usage, and delete buttons.)
  6. The column 'Use count' indicates how many times a file is used on the site, but you can also click 'Usage' to get a full listing of every place the file is used on the site.
  7. The 'Download' link allows you download a copy of the file onto your computer.
  8. The 'Edit' link allows you to edit the file's details, such as name, alt-text (what displays when someone hovers over the image), and caption text. You can also replace the file with a new version and (images only) change the crop.
  9. The 'Delete' link allows you to delete the file, but will ask for confirmation before it is completely removed from the site. Once confirmed, this cannot be undone.

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