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Once you are logged in, click on 'My Workbench' in the admin menu.

  1. The 'edit my profile' link takes you to the Profile Editor

    The rest of My Workbench is focused on Content Management.
  2. The 'Create Content' tab takes you to the Content Creator.
  3. The 'My Upcoming Courses & Recent Edits' section lists the five most recently updated pieces of content that belong to you
  4. The 'My Edits' button and 'view all' link takes you to a list of all content that belongs to you
  5. The 'All Recent Content' button takes you to a list of all recently added/edited content, regardless of editing rights
  6. The 'Content in My Sections' section lists the content for which you have editing access
  7. The 'My sections' tab displays a list of all sections of the website where you have editing rights

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