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Please note that use of SOA Technology Lab Services including equipment checkout, printing, plotting, and digital fabrication is restricted to members of the SOA community (faculty, staff, and students).

Print via the web here.

The School of Architecture offers various methods of printing to our Multi Function Devices throughout the school.

Register your UT ID card

If you have never used the SOA Small Format Printing Services, you will first need to register your UTID so that it is linked to your EID and password.

  1. Tap your ID card over the card reader mounted on the small screen next to the printer. If the card reader is unavailable, tap the screen to login.
  2. Login with your EID credentials.
  3. You are now ready to release prints in your queue.
  4. Flatten your PDF. Any files not flatted will not be eligible for refunds.  

Submission Options


Using your EID and Password, login to to the UTSOA Printing Dashboard to manage your Printing Queue, see your Total Account Balance, and generate Printing Reports.
Note: if you are attempting to access the Dashboard from off campus, please visit first connect to the UT VPN to access our network.

Mobile Device

  1. Download the appropriate PrinterOn app for your device below:

Download iOS App

Download Android App

2. If you are not on campus or connected to the UTexas Wifi, connect to the UT VPN to access our network.

3. Updated: 2017-03-06 Use the QR Scanning App on your mobile device to scan the UTSOA QR Code. This will setup your "Follow-You-Queues" automatically.  Once installed, make each printer a favorite in the PrinterOn app, and save.



  1. Select Print

  2. Login with your EID and password

    1. Once logged in, proceed to Steps 1, 2, and Job Submission.

  3. Choose a Printer

    1. Select the appropriate "Follow You Printer" for your document.

  4. Select your document and options

    1. Document
      1. Browse for the document you intend to print
      2. Web Page: Specify the web page to print
      3. Note: You can print either a document or a web page but not both simultaneously
    2. Specify the number of copies you need
      1. Default number of copies is 1
      2. Maximum number of copies is 10
    3. Page Range
      1. Leave the page range fields blank to print all pages
      2. Specify the page range to print specific pages

  5. Page Settings

    1. Paper: Is set according to the printer you have selected. 
    2. Duplex: Specify Single Sided or Double Sided (long) or Double Sided (Short).
    3. Orientation:  Specify the orientation of your print.  "As Saved" will send your print as you have saved it.

  6. Job Submission

  7. Select "Choose a Printer" at the top navigation or choose "Another Printer" at the bottom left at any time to start over.


  • if you are attempting to access the SOA Web Submission Page from off campus, please visit first connect to the UT VPN to access our network.
  • File Size Limit for Web Printing:  50mb
  • Make sure your file is an optimized PDF using this process in Acrobat. 
    • All else fails, try uploading and compressing your PDF here:  iLovePDF
  • Duration your print job will stay in your queue: 24hrs


Using your UT "" email address:

  1. Send your PDF document(s) as an attachment via email to the following email addresses and it will be added to your "Follow You Print Queue".
  2. You will receive a confirmation email saying, "Your document has been processed and is waiting for pickup at the printer."
  3. Go to any MFP in the SOA to release your print job from your "Follow You Print Queue".

Using an email address other than your UT "" address:

  1. Send your PDF document(s) as an attachment via email to the following email addresses and it will be added to your "Follow You Print Queue".
  2. You will receive an email "Instructions for approving your print job".
  3. Select the "Click to Authorize" link in the body of the email.  (This link is live for 30 minutes)
  4. Select the "Authenticate" button on the pop up screen.
  5. Login with your EID and Password.
  6. Once logged in, you will see a confirmation window. 
  7. Your printer job is now added to your "Follow You Print Queue".

PCT (Page Control Touch) < Blue screen next to the copier >

  1. Touch the screen to enter your EID & Password scan your UT ID card on the scanner on the right side of the PCT.

  2. Select the "Follow You Printing" button to access your print queue. 

  3. Select the account that will be charged for the print.

  4. Select the print job(s) you intend to print. (there will be a check that appears in the box if it's selected)
    1. With any of your print jobs selected, notice the print summary in the box to the right.
    2. Specify the number of copies you want for your print jobs. 
    3. "Force Mono" will print any of the selected print jobs in Black & White.

    4. Options for releasing your prints.
      1. Select "Print" to print your print job and eliminate it from your Follow You Queue
      2. Select "Print & Save" to print your print job and save it in your Follow You Queue accessible for 24 hours.
      3. "Select All" if you intend to print all of the jobs in your Follow You Queue.
      4. "Delete" if you intend to eliminate any of the print jobs.

  5. Be sure to Logout of your session if you've completed printing your print jobs. 

  6. OR, you have the option to select "Done" to return to the Follow You Printing & Enable Copier screen to continue your session and make a copies.

  7. Total Impressions will count as you make your copies.  Logout when you've completed your session.

  8. Select "OK" to complete your session.  This screen will automatically close out of your session in 10 seconds.

Accepted File Formats

PDF format works best and provides the most control across all print submission methods. This is this recommended format to use. The following list of file formats are also supported:

MS Formats

Microsoft Word 2000-2016
Microsoft Word 2000-2016 for Mac
Microsoft Excel 2000-2016
Microsoft Excel 2008-2016 for Mac
Microsoft Powerpoint 2008-2016
Microsoft Powerpoint 2008-2016 for Mac

Open Office Formats
OpenOffice/LibreOffice Writer 2.x to 5.x
OpenOffice/LibreOffice Calc 2.x to 5.x
OpenOffice/LibreOffice Impress 2.x to 5.x
OpenOffice/LibreOffice Draw 2.x to 5.x

Graphics & Text Formats
Microsoft XPS
Unicode Text

Contact the SOA Technology Desk staff if you run into any issues.