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You initiate the request for the adjustment in the semester you wish to purchase the computer. 

  1. Complete the Cost of Attendance Form (for 2021-22).
  2. Answer this question: Are you in the School of Architecture? ▢ Yes  ▢ No   
    1. Disregard the $2,500 amount in the question. When you answer yes, Texas One Stop will adjust for the SOA amount.
  3. Email the form to Texas One Stop
    1. Financial Aid staff will double-check that you're in the School of Architecture and whether you have ever received the increase in cost of attendance for the computer purchase.
    2. Financial Aid will award extra aid for the present or upcoming term. This extra aid is usually in the form of federal student loans or parent loans.
  4. If you have any questions call Texas One Stop (512) 232-6988 (myUT).
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