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  1. The entry field displays text as it will appear on the live page.
  2. The format menu allows you to change text appearance according to some presets that match the overall website theme.
  3. The bold, italic, and underline options are available to further manipulate text after a format preset is selected.
  4. The first two buttons allow you to create numbered or bulleted lists, and the third indents the selected paragraph.
    Note: If you are experiencing some strange formatting problems, highlight the affected text and check if any of thees buttons are selected. Also, ensure the intended format preset has been selected.
  5. These buttons allow you to add and remove links in the text. More information is here: Creating Links
  6. This button allows you to create anchors on the page, which can be used to help someone browsing the page to jump around within the page.
    1. To create an anchor, click the desired location for the anchor in the text and then click the anchor button (flag icon).
    2. Name the anchor and click OK.
    3. Enter text for the link how and where you would like it to appear on the page, then highlight the text.
    4. Click the link button (chain icon, number 6 in diagram) and choose 'Link to anchor in the text'.
    5. Choose the name of the anchor from the list and click OK to complete.
  7. These buttons are for cutting, copying, and pasting text, respectively.
  8. This button brings up a prompt that allows you to configure a table to be inserted inline with the text.
    • Once you have chosen your desired options, click OK to insert the table
  9.  These are the 'undo' and 'redo' buttons.
  10. If you prefer the website's formatting options to take over, you can choose to use the 'plain text editor', which removes the row of buttons above the entry field.
  11. If you prefer to modify your text using HTML coding, you can do so by switching to the HTML editor.

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