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Use of SOA fabrication facilities is restricted to current students, faculty and staff in the School of Architecture.

Exception requests will be considered with a letter of sponsorship from a UT faculty member that describes the UT-related project. Please send these requests to

Need to buy the digital fabrication subscription? Please come to the Technology Service Desk in SUT basement!

Before you can subscribe to use the laser cutters or the CNC router, you must complete training and/or certification.

Choose the appropriate training step(s):

Laser Cutters

  1. Take the training modules & then the quiz in Canvas. Full details at
  2. Get certified in person by making a 30 minute reservation in Calendly.

CNC Router

  1. Complete the Canvas course containing recordings of CNC software training modules.
  2. If not already completed, take the Build Lab's safety training course.
  3. Prepare notes on your first CNC projects and any relevant files, then email the Lab staff to schedule time to plan and discuss. Please plan well in advance as it can take time to coordinate schedules and complete the hands-on training.
  4. Purchase your end mills (bits) from the Tech Desk. Foam bits are included in the digital fabrication subscription and can be checked out at the Tech Desk. Bits broken by misuse of the router must be replaced by the user immediately and can be purchased at the Technology Lab service desk.
  5. Lab staff will assist you through the setup and cutting of your first project. If they are satisfied with your performance and progress, you will be added to the list of certified CNC users.
    • Once you are certified, the Lab staff will continue to be available to consult on CNC projects as you develop.

CNC Knife

  1. To begin using the CNC knife, come to the Technology Service Desk to request a blade be installed.
  2. Follow the steps outlined here: CNC Knife

CNC Wire Bender

  1. To begin using the CNC wire bender, come to the Technology Service Desk to purchase your materials. 
  2. Follow the steps outlined here: CNC Wire Bender

3D Printing

  1. To begin using a 3D printer, first prepare your file
  2. Visit the Technology Lab service desk to submit your file and get a cost estimate. Here's the general pricing information

3D Scanning

  • No prerequisites. To begin using the 3D scanner, follow the steps outlined on the wiki.

Subscription planCost Fall and SpringCost Summer
Laser cutters, CNC tools (router, wire bender, knife), 3D printing access$50$20


  • Foam bits for the CNC router are included in the fabrication subscription. Bits broken by the user due to misuse will be charged the full amount of the bit to their WIO.
  • 10mm round point CNC knife blades are included in the fabrication subscription. Blades broken by misuse of the knife must be replaced by the user immediately and they will be charged the full amount of the bit to their WIO.
  • Use of the equipment is not available at an hourly rate.
  • Charges will be billed to “What I Owe” within 7-10 business days, which is payable up to 30 days without penalty.
  • There is no pro-ration of the cost of the subscription if you decide to join later in the semester.
  • Group work is billed per user of the equipment; no 'sharing' a subscription and this applies to research projects.
  • Fabrication work done in service of research projects will be billed to the appropriate UT accounts before users will be allowed to access equipment.