Tools generally fall into two groups: those which can be borrowed and those which can be used only in the Build Lab.  Below is a brief list of those items but if you need a particular tool and don't see it listed, always ask before buying it yourself.

Tools which can be borrowed:

HammersScrewdriversSmall handsaws and hacksaws
WrenchesFoam cuttersVise grips, channel locks, etc.
PliersDigital tape measures

Rulers, squares, speed squares, combination squares, framing squares

Bar clampsXacto knives"The Chopper", for cutting balsa and bass sticks with a high degree of accuracy
SocketsHeavy-duty staplersTape measures, from 25' to 100'
ScissorsExtension cordsPry bars of various sizes

Tools available for use in the Build Lab (only):

Cordless drills/drivers, impact wrenches, right-angle drivers

Any corded tool (i.e., circular/Skil saws, drivers, sanders, jig saws, orbital and belt sanders, grinders)


Chisels, both cold steel and wood


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