Items for Action

  1. If you are scheduled to work on campus, use the Protect Texas Together app to track symptoms each day before you leave your home to report to work and get regular Proactive Community Tests, which are free and available throughout the week.

  2. Know your leave options under federal law and get questions answered at FFCRA FAQ webpage.

  3. If you have symptoms or are tested for COVID-19 because you were feeling sick or exposed, you must report this to the Occupational Health Program.

  4. Take care of you: Suggestions can be found in UT Human Resources' Guide to Day-to-Day Living Under Covid-19.

  5. Continue to enter time worked in WorkDay. See the guidance below under "Logging work hours."
  6. Be mindful of internet security. Cyberattacks are ramping up with more people teleworking. Review up-to-date resources at: 
  7. If you take your desktop computer or other equipment, be sure to submit a form to record it. Submit an Inventory Equipment Located Off Campus form digitally (you can use the email address for technology). Note that items that are mobile in nature (such as laptops or cell phones) do not need to be registered using this form.

General Resources

Employee Wellbeing and Tips



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