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  • Appraisal Workflow
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Once a photography job is complete, the photographer or an art director must go through and appraise and select the photos for Portfolio.

Some guidelines to follow:

  • Keep
    • A variety of images for different design placement
    • Images representative of the event OR generic enough to work for several projects
    • Images with enduring value as historic photographs
  • Do Not Keep
    • Blurry images
    • Images that are nearly completely black or washed out
    • Images with subjects' whose eyes are closed
    • Images with unwanted image distortion
  • To Be Determined
    • Duplicates
      • Images are duplicated for many different purposes. Headshot shoots have many similar poses, and photos are often duplicated at different qualities depending on their use (web-ready, high-resolution for editing, etc.). That being said, 5 or more duplicates of an image that have no discernible use should be considered for removal from Portfolio.  

After the photos are appraised, they can be sent to the Digital Asset Manager.

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