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Portfolio has two different client options for accessing the DAMS. The desktop client can be downloaded here:

You can select Mac or Windows. Once it's finished downloading, add the server address: and the name UT Portfolio

Login to Portfolio using the Desktop Client by clicking on the Portfolio icon.

Your username should be your EID with the same password. If this does not work, see the Digital Asset Manager.

To download the server must be mounted. Contact Cathy Choi for the IP address.

You can only mount to your own department's server.

Major Differences:

For the desktop client, you can only download files if the department's server is mounted. If you are searching another department's assets, you cannot download using the desktop client since you cannot access their servers. You can download via the web client.

Through the web client, you can download from any CSU since it is a web hosted DAMS. Contact Cathy Choi for the URL. Your username should be your EID with the same password.

The web client runs a little bit slower than the desktop client for searching but the pro is that any asset is downloadable without access to a server.


Extensis Provides two excellent in depth guides for each client:

Web Client Guide

Desktop Client Guide

There are abridged how-to PowerPoint user guides linked to on the main page and here:

Shortened Web Client Guide

Shortened Desktop Client Guide

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