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What follows a list of forthcoming and in-progress projects as defined by the Digital Asset Manger. All of the projects are under the purview of the DAM, but many of them are 

  1. Prepare user presentation tutorial for department and all of Communications
    1. October 16th, 2012
  2. Capstones
    1. Train capstone students and supervise their projects
    2. Work with Visual Resources Center at the UT School of Architecture.
  3. Organize the DVD/CD Library
  4. Move from Native FDB to SQL
  5. Embedding and expanding metadata
  6. Develop standards for digital videos
  7. Develop retention schedule
    1. Collaborate with Dolph Briscoe Center for American History on deaccession policy
  8. Develop appraisal schedule
  9. Migrate assets off DevDirect
  10. Preservation plan
  11. Migrate Univ. Communications assets
  12. Migrate assets from Graphics server
  13. Develop user feedback survey
  14. Encourage more CSUs to use Portfolio
  15. Migrate Marsha Miller's complete collection 
  16. Complete audit of images
  17. Find reserve space for excess images
  18. Complete audit of video
  19. Find new back up solutions
  20. Archive old website core pages and complete audit
  21. Archive @UTAustin Twitter feed (ongoing)
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