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Web Client

Users will follow a workflow in order to consistently upload and catalog images. Please refer to Portfolio Server Web Client Guide on the server for more information.

Uploading items to the Portfolio Server from the Web Client requires an AutoSync folder, which can be created by the Digital Asset Manager when the catalog is created. The AutoSync folder will most likely be created at the time of the upload because the DAMS will be holding a simple catalog/gallery structure.  Please register for a user account first with the Digital Asset Manager.

Your username should be your EID with the same password. If this does not work, see the Digital Asset Manager.

  • Select the catalog you want to upload to from the list on the left hand column
  • Click the triangle next to the catalog name to display the folders in the catalog
  • Select the folder where you would like to upload files
  • Click the Upload on the top toolbar
  • Go to the folder or location where the files currently reside on the server
  • Click Select (Mac) or Open (Windows) to choose and upload the files you want to upload
  • You can view the progress of the upload at the bottom of the window in the navigation toolbar

Note: The files must already be in the correct folder on the server. See the Catalog and Folder Taxonomy for more information.

You can only upload files in your own department's catalog and folders.

Desktop Client

Through the Desktop Client, the process is similar except the user will select the Add+ button in the top right hand corner and then use the same steps to find and upload the assets.

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