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  • User Accounts and Permissions
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User accounts will be created by the Digital Asset Manager. All users in the department will have accounts as well as designated users in the CSUs. Permissions will depend on user needs. 

Access Levels

  • Catalog Administrator:
    • This level allows access to all functionality available. Catalog Administrators have access to advanced operations in the Portfolio Desktop Client, like editing custom fields, metadata mappings, and AutoSync folder settings. Catalog Administrator access should not to be confused with the Portfolio Server Administrator, who has access to all server settings. 
  • Publisher:
    • Publishers are able to upload and delete items from a catalog as well as update all metadata for files in the catalog. Publishers can also create galleries. 
  • Editor:
    • Editors are able to modify metadata, such as entering keywords and custom field values. Editor level and above can batch process, or, download files to their computer.
  • Reader:
    • Readers may only view items in the catalog and download files. They cannot add or remove items or edit metadata.

Most users in the University Communications department will be designated as Publishers or Editors. CSUs will each have their own Catalog Administrator to manage their assets.

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