Policies and Procedures Handbook for Sponsored Student Organizations of Recreational Sports

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Here is a general guideline of hosing an event. Please review to ensure the club is prepared for each event.

Sport Club Tournament/Special Event Checklist

Reserving Facility Space

  • To reserve an event, complete the UTSCA Special Event Form on Recreational Sport Internal Services in a timely manner. 
    • Receive confirmation for approval
    • Meet with Sport Club Staff to discuss details of the event prior to making arrangements
    • Reserve Parking spaces at Whitaker Fields, if needed 

Pre-Event Planning

  • Visiting teams/participants:
    • Create contact list for visiting competitors to send information about event
    • Send a message informing:
      • Confirm event date(s)/start time(s) with visiting clubs
      • Send Visitor’s Guide
        • Confirm directions to event as well as parking information if off campus
  • Confirm event time length
  • Confirm travel time to/from event
  • Confirm uniform colors in case of conflict
  • Confirm availability of locker room or other facilities as necessary
  • Referees/officials arrangements
    • Hire any necessary officials for event
      • Make sure officials information and paperwork is submitted to the Sport Club Office prior to event
      • Ensure officials meet minimum qualifications for officiating event
      • Some national governing bodies contract officials for you
  • Arrange payment for officials
  • Confirm driving/parking directions for officials
    • Can send them Visiting Team Guide as well
  • Confirm travel time for officials
  • Confirm start time and durations of event
    • Equipment setup
      • Coordinate with Sport Club staff for time for the club to set up materials/equipment - setup should only happen day of or night before
      • Finances/registration
        • Arrangements made for collection of entry fees before or at event
        • Sample Invoice can be obtained from Sport Club staff
        • Ensure University checks are made out to your organization i.e. “University of Texas – Memo: Your Club Name”
        • Prepare an on-site registration/check-in procedure
        • Merchandise and awards
          • Trophies, t-shirts, etc. designed and made before event
            • All materials need approval from Licensing and trademark
  • If selling merchandise, have change and receipts on hand for transactions
  • Submit EHS Form if food will be sold during the event. 
  • Tournament bracket/format
    • Bracket/format prepared and ready with all teams accounted for
      • When preparing a bracket, allow for buffer time for competitions that go over the originally allotted amount
  • Send bracket/format out to all participants prior to the day of the event. Have copies available at event.
  • Create contingency plan in case of a withdrawal
  • Confirm time for rest/meals between competition for participants
  • Athletic trainer/EMS
    • Make arrangements with Sport Club staff at least two weeks in advance


  • Develop flyers and receive approval from Sport Club staff prior to publishing
  • Promote via social media (Facebook, IG, Twitter)

Day of Event Checklist

  • Set up is completed (including tables, chairs, goals, water coolers, etc.)
  • Building Coordinators will assist with water cooler and benches, if reserved
  • Review ground rules, facility guidelines, event format, etc. with all participants
  • Club enforces facility rules for both participants and spectators – Contact Building Supervisor for assistance if needed

Post Event Checklist

  • Club cleans up all trash
  • Club takes down and returns all equipment
  • Notify Sport Club staff of results and event recap