Policies and Procedures Handbook for Sponsored Student Organizations of Recreational Sports

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Step-by-step guide

Member Overview

  1. HornsLink's homepage has shortcuts to all general functions.

    1. A member can see their memberships.
      1. If they select the icon for a specific group, it will take them to that organization's HornsLink page.
    2. A member can search organizations.
    3. A member can explore events on campus.
  2. If a member selects their organization from memberships, it will allow them to see organization specific:
    1. The Contact Information
    2. Forms 
    3. Events
    4. Officers
    5. News Articles
    6. Documents

Managing an Organization

  1. To manage your organization's page, find your organization's page under memberships.
  2. On the page near the top right hand corner of the page, select "Manage Organization" button.
  3. Once in the "Manage Organization" page, use the three lined icon on the left hand corner to select what you would like to edit. See list below.

    1. Home takes you back to the original "Manage Organization" page.
    2. Roster allows you to add/remove members, invite members, review prospective members, and change positions within the organization.
    3. About is for editing the information section of your organization's page including: name, organization details, profile picture, contact information, social media, and any other additional information.
    4. Events allows you to add events for your organization, whether it be private to your organization or public to the university.
    5. News can publish articles about your organization.
    6. Gallery uploads albums of photos.
    7. Documents are paper forms.
    8. Forms are electronic forms.
    9. Elections offer an opportunity to do your officer elections.
    10. Finance has purchase requests, but we do not use it for UTSCA.
    11. Service Hours can track community service events.
  1. Inviting People to Roster

    1. Under Roster, select the "Invite People" button on the top right hand corner.

    2. Enter school related emails, using a comma or a new line for each email. 

    3. Select "Add E-Mail Addresses". 

    4. Once the request is sent, you will see the members in the pending option on the main "Roster" page.

    5. You can delete invitations or resend them if someone does not confirm.
  2. Manage Positions
    1. Each organization will have a member, primary contact, and Authorized Representative for Sport Clubs.

    2. You may organize the rest by office type, team selections, etc.

    3. Select the blue "+ Position" button to add a new one. You will then be able to change their access level to the organization.

    4. Each organization has common roles to other organizations, but can also have unique roles. This allows you to add different positions within your Sport Club. 

  3. Assigning Positions

    1.  Locate the person you would like to adjust their position.

    2. Use the blue pencil on the right-hand column.

    3. Select from drop-down what position you would like to add.

    4. Hit Save.

  4. Prospective Members

    1.  If a student finds your organization on HornsLink, they can request to join your organization, Their information will be saved here. 

    2. You can message the person back via HornsLink to let them know their options with the Sport Club. 

  5. End Membership

    1. To end someone's membership, select a box next to their name.

    2. Select "End Membership" at the top of the page.

  1. Official Name

    1. Please do not change your official name year to year. Each Sport Club must have their sport included in their title.

  2. Organizational Details

    1. Summary

      1. This portion displays on the Organization Directory - which is where students search for organizations. 

    2. Full Description

      1. This appears under the Organization's page under their title.

  3. Profile Picture

    1. Use an appropriate, approved image for the organizations profile picture.

  4. Contact Information

    1. Most Sport Club's use their practice location for their address.

  5. External Websites

    1. Please use your Sport Club specific website. If you do not have a sport club website, use http://utrecsports.org/sport-clubs.

    2. HornsLink allows you to connect a google calendar.

  6. Social Media

    1. You can link the Sport Clubs social media accounts. They will show up as icons on the front page.

  7. Additional Information

    1. This should say Recreational Sports.

  1. Creating an Event

    1. Under the "Events" tab, you will be able to create an event.

    2. You will enter the following: event title, theme, description, organizations co-hosting this event, start date, start time, end date, end time, and location.

      1. The theme will help sort the event for the university. It will also select a default photo for your event.

      2. Location can also input a google map, if you are interested.

      3. If you select "Add Another Date", it will copy the same information from above for another day.

    3. Event Details will allow you to adjust:

      1. Who the event can be seen by

        1. Public is anyone (with or without access to HornsLink)

        2. Student & Staff of HornsLink (anyone who has created an account with their UT EID)

        3. Organization Members (people on the organization's HornsLink Roster)

        4. Invite Only (only people that get the link to the event)

      2. You can select allow attendance at this event to be shown on the Leadership Resume. This is something HornsLink can produce for students to help them later with creating their personal resume - normally used for Leadership workshops.

      3. Event Categories: Not Required

    4. After hitting next, you will be able to complete Settings.

      1. Who can RSVP: anyone, invited, or no one.

        1. Anyone is helpful if you are sending it to the public, but want to track who is coming.

        2. Invited is useful if you are sending it to a specific group, but need to track who can attend.

        3. No One allows it to be an open event.

      2. Limit Number of Available RSVP Spots if you have limited space

      3. Allow Guests is also an option

      4. Custom Questions can help if you need to know information from the people registering (food allergies, t-shirt size, etc.)

    5. Select "Event Cover Photo". If you do not select one, it will use the default from the theme you selected earlier. Make sure to follow the upload requirements.

    6. Once you think you are complete, select "Complete Submission".

    7. Once the event is created you will see the event specific home page.

      1. The event will also track RSVPs.

      2. If you need to change any details of the event, select "Change Details".
      3. You can cancel the event as well.
    8. Checking in at Event:

      1. If you have a laptop, pull up the event page (see above) and select track attendance. 

      2. We recommend you download "Campus Labs Check In" app on your phone. This will allow you to scan anyone's event pass or type in their information. When you open the app, you will need to type in the "access code" - which you can see in the photo above.

        1. REMINDER: To download your event pass, log into HornsLink on safari on your phone. Once logged in, in the top right corner, select your initial. A drop down should appear with "Event Pass". You should be able to download or screenshot this for the semester.
    9. The Event home tab will have a list of all your events. You can delete or view event event from here. 

      1. The box with an arrow will take you to the member view of the event. 

      2. The trash can will allow you to delete the event. If you delete it, it will not track any information for it further - while cancelling it will.

  1. On the news tab, you will be able to create a News Article for the organization.
  2. The News Articles could be useful for:
    1. Updating members on Officer Meeting notes
    2. Posting articles from your National Governing Body
    3. Re-Posting/Collecting articles posted about your organization online
  3. To create a article, you will select the blue button and fill in the following information:
    1. Title
    2. Summary
    3. Body
    4. Picture
    5. Visibility: What population you would like to be able to see the article
      1. As a reminder, public allows anyone to see it. Institution is just people on HornsLink. Organization is the current organization you are in. Private would be selecting positions within the organization.
  1. Gallery allows you to upload and store photos. 
  2. First, you will need to create an album. 
    1. Select a name, a description and who you would like to view it.
  3. After it is created, you can drop photos (max of 10) into the album. 
  1. Documents allows you to store paper forms used for your club. Examples could be: the registrar form required by your National Governing Body, your Sport Club Constitution, etc.
  2. To upload a document, use the blue "Add File" button in the right upper hand corner.
    1. If uploading several documents, it may be beneficial to add a folder to keep it organized.
  3. Next you will select the file, add a title, and select a type.
    1. Most select default if it does not match Constitution/By-Laws or Organizing Documents.
  4. Make sure to select who you want to give permissions to. If you put Public, anyone can see it without logging into HornsLink. If you select anyone on Campus, anyone with an UT EID can view it. Organization will be for anyone on your roster. And Specific Organization Positions can allow you to restrict it for certain use - like officers. 
  1. The Sport Club Authorized Representatives may use Forms to gather information from their roster.
  2. To create a form, use the blue button in the top right hand corner that says "Create Form".
  3. You will need to select properties to the form to begin.

    1. Name: You will need to name the form. This will appear on your main page.
    2. Status: If you select "Active" status, the form will go live when you hit publish. You can wait to do this if you want to come back and edit.
    3. Explore Forms: If you "Feature in Explore Forms", this will allow people to search for the form.
    4. Time Frame: Select a Start Time and End Time for the form.
    5. Multiple Entries: You can allow members to submit multiple submissions.
    6. Anonymous: If you would like to keep it anonymous, you may select that as well.
    7. Submission Approval Process: This allows you to to approve the form or allow it to be automatically received. If you chose to approve forms, they will be submitted in pending status until reviewed.
  4. Once you select the main properties, you will begin to create the form.

    1. At the top of the page, you are able to change the format of the form. A page allows you to break down questions at a time. This will become important if you would like certain follow-up questions depending on a respondents answer.
    2. If you start adding questions, and decide you want to add a page before this one, you will select the "Add Page Before This Page".
    3. You can do the same if you want to add a new page after.
    4. Page list allows you to see all the pages you have created.
    5. Page Properties allows you to change functions of the current page you are on.
    6. You can name the page to help you identify what page you are on.
      1. Depending on the purpose of the form, you may want to allow them to use the back button to change an answer.
    7. You can adjust conditions for pages.
      1. For example, if you have a respondent respond "yes" to a question, that you would like more information on - you would set a condition for that.
  5. At the bottom of the page, you will see all the options for types of questions you may use. Select the type you would like, and another box will pop up.

    1. Type the question in the "Question Text" and the list of answers under "Answer Text".
    2. Once you have listed everything out, select "Ok" at the bottom.
    3. Select the answer(s) that are correct. It will then appear in a blue.
    4. You can move the question to the new page on the header by selecting the correct number.
      1. Same with the sequence.
    5. You can trash the question if you no longer need it,
    6. The top right of the header allows you to edit the question.
    7. Properties allows you to: change the question, format the text, change the minimum/maximum amount of answers, and shuffle answer options.
    8. Answers allows you to change the options for the answers, and formatting.
  6. Once you save the form, you can see it under your "Manage Forms" section.
    1. If you no longer need the form and do not want it on your page, select the form's checkbox and push the "Archive" button
    2. If you want to reactivate an archived form, select the checkbox next to the form and hit "Restore".
  1. If you would like to use HornsLink for voting, you are able to do this through the Elections section.
  2. Select "Create Election".

    1. Name: You will select a name for the Election. You can make an election with several ballots. For example, you can do ballots for all new officer positions in one election.
    2. Include Instructions: You do not need to include instructions. The instructions will not appear unless you select the checkbox next to "Include Instructions". This could be good to explain what the position is, how voting in your organization works, and the deadline.
    3. Active: If you want the voting to start immediately, select "Active" checkbox. You can come back and turn it active after it is complete. 
    4. Dates & Times: Select a start date/time and an end date/time.
    5. Display on Homepage: If you want an easy location for the election, we suggest having it displayed on your homepage. This way when a member goes there, they do not have to search for the link.
    6. Restricted Voters: We suggest "only allow users listed on the roster of the organization to vote" unless it is a public situation.
  3. Once the election is created, you will create a ballot.

    1.  Name the ballot and decide access. Hit save.
    2. The ballot creation will look similar to the form creation. We recommend using the Button List option.
  4. Once the ballot is created, you can adjust/view the following options:
    1. Properties allows you to change the name, remove/add instructions, and make the ballot active.
    2. Ballots allows you to add more ballots.
    3. Results allows you to view and export results.
    4. Publishing Options: You can display an alert for when members visit the page. You can also send a shareable link via email. 

You can use this for the organization's reconciling. For information, please review "How to Make a Purchase".