Policies and Procedures Handbook for Sponsored Student Organizations of Recreational Sports

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When trying to print any protected UT Trademarks, please submit a trademark request. Here are some of the protected logos

Step-by-step guide

Go to https://trademarks.utexas.edu/permission-use

  1. Please use the Internal Request form found on the page: https://portal.trademarks.utexas.edu/
    1. Once you are on the page, please review all the steps under "Before submitting a new request"
    2. If you have not submitted a request before, you will need to create a profile.
      1. Under the profile, be sure to select RecSports as your department.
  2. Once you are logged in, you will go to the home page:

    1. Click Submit a New Request found near the top of the page, or on the right side bar.

      1. Be sure to select "RecSports" for Campus/Department/College/School/Division.
      2. Upload the Artwork you are requesting to be reviewed.
      3. Requesting Organization/Club/Program: Put your Sport Club Name (i.e. "Longhorn Baseball").
      4. Under "About the Product", fill out all the information you have.
      5. Fill in who the product will be distributed to.
      6. For distribution means, select to give or to sell. "Sell" typically means gaining profit from the product. 
      7. Under About the Vendor, if selecting from the list, the vendor should already be approved to print the licensed trademarks. 
        1. If selecting "Custom Vendor" - you will need to enter more information
      8. General Comments - Put your Sport Club name and purpose
        1. For example, "shirts will be used as Texas Lacrosse club warm-up shirts."

List of vendors you can use that are already in the database:

  • 289c Apparel
  • 4imprint
  • AJL Advertising Specialities Inc
  • Art Hall Awards
  • Austin Screen Printing (& Embroidery)
  • Aztec Promotional Group LP
  • BSN Sports
  • Document Solutions - UT Printing
  • G & G Outfitters
  • Hayley Cakes & Cookies; dba CFAM Enterprises LLC
  • Kotis Design
  • Landes Inc.; dba Desden
  • Print Graphics, Inc.
  • PS Promotions
  • Rocca Productions
  • Ricochet Promotions
  • SRI Monogramming, Inc.
  • Texas Products
  • The Big Game
  • The Northwest Company, LLC.
  • Wincraft, Inc.
  • Yeti Coolers

Royalties Policy

When trying to determine if your Trademark request will be charged royalty fees, these two criteria will be used by the University:

  1. Is the product being given away?
  2. Are university funds being used to purchase?

If the order meets BOTH criteria, then the royalties would be exempt.