Policies and Procedures Handbook for Sponsored Student Organizations of Recreational Sports

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All guidelines governing the Sport Club Program are written to protect the rights and safety of each participant and are designed to provide fair and equal opportunity for all persons eligible to participate in club activities.

  1. All currently enrolled UT Austin students must be given the opportunity each semester to try out for or join a Sport Club. Only student members of a club may hold an office in the club and vote on club matters. Some clubs may have participation restrictions due to national governing body, conference and/or league affiliation.
  2. UT faculty/staff may join clubs that accept faculty/staff members, but are required to pay the Recreational Sports' Membership Fee as a prerequisite to membership. Faculty/Staff club members may not hold an officer position within the club, or vote on club matters or in elections. Call 512-471-3116 for membership information.
  3. Sponsored members and Associate members of Recreational Sports are NOT eligible for club membership.
  4. Each member and coach of a Sport Club must complete a Membership Packet. This may include but is not limited to submitting a copy of their current medical insurance card (both must be on file at the Sport Club Office), pay club dues, and be listed on the club's membership roster before he/she is recognized as an official member of the Sport Club.
  5. For competition purposes, your club may be required to submit enrollment verification and other eligibility information to your national governing body or tournament director. The Office of the Registrar Certification Request Form can be found on Hornslink under Documents. This form must be used to submit any requests for current eligibility status and is due to the Sport Club office at least 10 business days before form deadline.
  6. Members of clubs that use weapons are required to complete a Use of Weapons Agreement under Forms.
  7. If the club has Minor UT Students, they must complete the UTSCA Minor Release Form. 
  8. Athletic scholarships are not awarded by Recreational Sports for Sport Club participation.
  9. Intercollegiate athletes are eligible for membership in a Sport Club without restrictions due to intercollegiate team affiliation. Please be aware that many national governing bodies and/or leagues limit participation by current and former intercollegiate athletes.
  10. It is recommended that all club members involved in an aquatic activity should pass a swimming test prior to becoming accepted into the club. Arrangements for pool time for testing and suggestions for the appropriate swim test to be administered should be discussed with the Sport Club Office. It is strongly recommended the following Clubs conduct swim tests: Crew, Sailing Club, Sailing Team, Triathlon, Water Polo (Men’s & Women’s), Wakeboard and Water Ski.

Safe Inclusive Environment

The University does not discriminate or tolerate harassment on any basis prohibited by applicable federal and/or state law including race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, citizenship status, or Vietnam era or special disabled veteran status in recruitment, employment, promotion, compensation, benefits, or training. Discriminatory practices are not tolerated as part of the UTSCA. 

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