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Remediation Project Executive Summary  

The University of Texas at Austin’s Department of Information Technology Services – BACS (“ITS-BACS”) will remove Building Access Control and Security (“BACS”) system devices (e.g., card/badge readers, interior/exterior electrified doors, alarms points, panic buttons, etc.) and related infrastructure that are no longer desired by university units. The remediation project will involve facilities located in Austin, Texas over an estimated period of 18 to 24 months (preferably over 18 months). 

Business Need and Background

In 2014 campus Governance determined that BACS was no longer to be subsidized by telephone rates, but rather, paid directly by units. As part of this change, units will be given one opportunity to have BACS system devices removed and returned to a default functional state, which this RFP is to accomplish. 

Project Description and Scope

The Building Security System Remediation project will include the survey, remediation, substitution and removal of approximately 5,000 BACS devices that are no longer desired by units, as well as project management activities to support these efforts. These BACS devices include:

  • Card/badge readers 
  • Electrified doors 
  • Alarm points
  • Panic buttons

Cost of service

Project Goals

The BACS remediation efforts shall be considered “successful and complete” if;

  • All department heads, governance members and the Project Sponsor experience few or no conflict issues within the duration of the project.
  • The project is completed on-time (between 18 – 24 months), within or under budget and within the original baseline Scope of Work.


The following are in-scope for this project and any request out of scope will need to be requested on a ITS Network and Telecommunication Work Request.

    • BACS System devices removals
    • Self-managed system replacements


  • Appendix IX: HR-provided language for the Wiki website for HR/safety-related concerns (to possibly be used for remediation/abatement site postings
  • Appendix XVI: BACS Remediation Project Charter (Approved Draft)
  • Appendix XIX: BACS Campus Awareness Handout



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