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The Assessment tools allow you to create tests and surveys that automatically become an item in your Gradebook. Students complete these assessments and submit them through Blackboard.

In this tutorial you will learn how to navigate to one of the Test area and make a test available.

1. Make sure your Edit Mode: button is switched to ON and select a Content Area. (Assignments, Course Documents, etc.)

A screen capture of Edit Mode turned on.

2. Mouse over Evaluate and select Create Test.

A screen capture of the Evaluate drop down menu.

3. On the Add Test page, select the test you want to make available from the existing test menu, then click on the Submit button.

A screen capture of the Add Test page.

4. On the Test Options page, scroll down to the Test Availability section. On the first option, "Make the link available" select the Yes radio button. We strongly recommend against checking the Force Completion box.

A screen capture of the test options page with Make Link Available checked Yes.

5. Choose from the remaining options for Test Availability, Self Assessment, Test Feedback, and Test Presentation, then click the Submit button to finish making your test available.

A screen capture of the Submit button.

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