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Adding Grades to the Grade Center

There are 2 options for entering grades in the Grade Center. Option A allows you to enter or change a grade on the Grade Center spreadsheet. This option is recommended if you're entering grades for an entire class. Option B allows you to enter a grade for one student and view the Grade History.

1. Scroll down to the Contol Panel section, click on Evaluation, and select Grade Center.

A screen capture of the Evaluate button expanded

2. Click the < to the right of the course menu to expand your Grade Center page.

A screen capture of the less than arrow.

Option A: Entering grades directly on the spreadsheet

1. On the Grade Center page, click on the first cell in the column. Enter a new grade or edit an existing grade and press Enter (Pressing Enter saves the grade and moves your cursor to the cell below).

Note: Any changes made to a grade is recorded and shown in the Grade History.

A screen capture of the Grade Center with a grade entered.

Options B: Entering grades using Grade Details

1.  On the Grade Center page, mouse over the grade cell to view the double down arrows.

A screen capture of the double down arrows on a cell.

2.  Click the double down arrows in the grade cell and select  View Grade Details.

A screen capture of the View Grade Details option.

3. Click the double down arrows under Value and select Edit Grade to enter a grade and comments.

A screen capture of the Grade Details page.

4.  Enter a Value, Feedback to User, and click Save to post the grade.

A screen capture of the grade being updated.

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