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Adding an item

Blackboard allows users to upload files to many different content areas. In this tutorial you'll learn how to navigate to the content areas in Blackboard, and how to name, classify, and upload your file. You can find more information about the variety of file types that are allowed by clicking here.

1. Make sure your Edit Mode: button is switched to ON and select a Content Area. (Assignments, Course Documents, etc.)

A screen capture of Edit Mode turned on.

2. Select the Create Item button.

A screen capture of the Create Item button.

3. In the Content Information section, type a Name and list any details/instructions in the text box provided.

A screen capture of the name and text box.

4. To add a document from your computer, in the Attach Content section, click on the Browse button next to Attach Local File.

A screen capture of Browse button.

5. In the browse dialog box, select your file, and click the Open button.

A screen capture of a Blackboard course homepage.

6. In the Options section select the availability, tracking option, and date/time restrictions and click Submit.

A screen capture of the Options section.

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