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The Assessment tools allow you to create tests and surveys that automatically become an item in your Gradebook. Students complete these assessments and submit them through Blackboard.

In this tutorial you will learn how to navigate to the Test Manager area and create a test.

1. Scroll down to the Contol Panel section, click on Course Tools, and select Test, Surveys, and Pools.

A screen capture of Course Tools area of the Control Panel.

2. On the Test, Surveys, and Pools page click Tests.

3. On the Tests page click the Build Test button.

A screen capture of the Tests page with the Build button highlighted.

4. On the Test Information page, enter a Name, a Description, and Instructions in the text boxes provided.  Click Submit to continue

A screen capture showing Test Information page.

5. On the Test Canvas page, mouse over Create Question and select a question. For the purposes of this tutorial, select Multiple Choice.

A screen capture showing the Test Canvas page with the drop down menu highlighted.

6. On the Create/Edit page, enter the Question Text and a Point Value in the text boxes provided.

Note: If Extra Credit is selected points are added to the score if the question is answered correctly; no points are taken away if the questions are answered incorrectly.

7. In the Answers section, select the Number of Answers from the drop down menu. Enter the text for the Answer choices in the text boxes provided, and designate the Correct answer by clicking on the radio button to the left of the appropriate Answer box.

8. In the Feedback section, enter the text for a Correct and Incorrect Response. Click the Submit button to finish adding your question.

9.Click the Submit button to finish adding your question.

A screen capture showing the Submit button.

10. You are returned to the Test Canvas page. You can add another question, choose a different question type, modify or remove an existing question, or change the order in which the questions are presented. When you have finished creating your quiz, you can use the next tutorial: Making your test available.

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