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Download Grade Center Spreadsheet

In Blackboard, the grade book for each course can be downloaded, edited in a spreadsheet program, and uploaded with the new information. Note: For best results, Instructors should manipulate and upload a Gradebook that has been downloaded from the Blackboard Learning System. It is not advised that Instructors create a new Gradebook from scratch then upload it. You can find the tutorial for uploading a Blackboard Gradebook here.

In this tutorial you will learn how to navigate to the Grade Center, and how to download a Blackboard grade book spreadsheet.

1. In the Control Panel area, click on Evaluation and then Grade Center.

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2. On the View Spreadsheet page, click on the Offline button on the far right and then click on Download.

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3. On the Download Grades page, click Submit to download the full Grade Center spreadsheet as a tab-delimited file.

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4. Click the Download button. When the Save As dialogue box opens, name the file, and click the Save button to finish downloading your grade book.

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