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The Assignment Manager allows you to create an assignment that automatically becomes an item in your Gradebook. Students complete this assignment in a separate file and electronically send it back to you through the Course Menu. You may then download these files from the Gradebook and review them, before assigning a grade. The Assignment tutorials will guide you through this process.

In this tutorial you will learn how to navigate to the Grade Center and enter grades for an Assignment.

1. Scroll down to the Contol Panel section, click the Evaluate link, and select Grade Center.

A screen capture of Grade Center link highlighted.

2. Click the < to the right of the course menu to expand your Grade Center page.

A screen capture of Grade Center expand.

3. On the Grade Center page, mouse over the grade cell to view the double down arrows.

4. Click the double down arrows and select View Grade Details from the drop down menu.

5. On the Grade Details page, under the Attempts section, click the Action Link (double down arrows) located next to the !, and select Open Attempt.

A screen capture of Grade Details Page.

6. On the Grade Assignment page, in the Grade Current Attempt section, assign a Grade, enter your feedback in the Comments text box, and use the Browse button to attach documents to be returned to the student.  The Instructor Notes section can only be used and viewed by instructors, TA's, and graders.

Click the Submit button to assign the grade.

A screen capture of Grade Assignment Page.

7. Back on the Grade Details page, use the Jump to User: pull down menu to move to another student.

A screen capture of Grade Details Page.

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