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Weighting Grades

The Weighted Total column is a calculated column that can include columns or categories. (if you've specified categories for your columns)

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a final grade based on the grades you've entered in your gradebook. 

1. On the Grade Center page click the double down arrows next to the Weighted Total column and select Edit Column Information.

A screen capture of weighted total column pull down menu.

2. Scroll down to the Select Column section, choose which columns or categories to include in the weighted grade, and click the > icon to move it to the Selected Columns: box.

Note:  If you have more than 1 column in a category such as multiple homework assignments, we recommend using categories to weight your grades.

A screen capture of the Edit Weighted Total column page.

3. Enter your percentages in the boxes provided under the Selected Columns: box.  Total weight must equal 100% for the system to calculate correctly.

Note:  Dropping the lowest grade is only available when a category is used.

  • "Equally" means that each item in the category gets the same portion of that category's percentage, i.e. if "Exams" is worth 20% of the final grade and you have two exams, each is worth 10% of the final grade, period.
  • "Proportionally" means that within the category, items that are worth more points get a bigger chunk of the overall percentage for that category, i.e. for the situation above, if one of the two exams was worth 30 possible points and the other was worth 10 possible points, the 30-point exam would be worth 15% of the final grade and the 10-point exam would be worth 5%.

A screen capture of the Selected Column section.

4. Select Yes or No for the Calculate as Running Total option.  If Yes is select, a - in the gradebook is not calculated.  If No is selected a -  is calculated as a 0.

A screen capture of the Running Total options.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Submit.

A screen capture of the Submit section.

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