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During the course, it became clear that some students had multiple different copies of in their $PATH. This was possibly related to taking a different course which may have included copying the script to your $HOME directory. It is unclear if that course may have included additional information about how to execute the script. Two different methods are listed here for executing the script as described for this class. Refer to any other courses you have taken for how to utilize other versions of the script.

Determining if there is a problem

Use the which command to determine if you have multiple scripts
which -a

The expected outcome is a single line reading: /corral-repl/utexas/BioITeam/bin/ 
If you instead see multiple lines, recall that when you use '' by itself without providing additional information, only the top line will be used, and it is recommended you follow one of the following methods for generating usable .slurm files if you get errors when trying to use the sbatch command to launch the files.

Method 1: renaming non-functioning script:

This method has the benefit of being able to easily use the non-functioning script if you need it for working with materials from other courses.

Give the non-functioning script a new name
# Using the output from the which command above
mv <full path of first line of above command> <same path but change ending to>

In future, if you wish to use this version of the script using "" will access this version while "" by itself will use the BioITeam version expected for the GVA course materials.

Method 2: using the full path:

This method had the benefit of using the other version normally when you call "".

Using full path to call the correct version. Anytime you see "" in other tutorials substitute the following instead.

This has the benefit of using the other form by default but requires you to use the full path which may be difficult to remember. Always remember the full path is identifiable with the 'which -a' command.

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