Logging in

After logging into stampede2 (powershell and terminal tutorials if you need help remembering how to do this).


You should see the following prompt:


If you do it means you successfully have copied and activated the .bashrc file which controls a number of variables.

If you see something else use this link to jump to the section of the tutorial that dealt with the .bashrc file


Activate a conda environment
conda activate GVA-fastqc

If your prompt now changes to:

(GVA-fasqc) tacc:~$

It means you have successfully installed miniconda and created your first environment.

If you see something different use the following link to jump to the section dealing with downloading and installing conda and continue until you have created your first environment

Assuming your prompt is the above "(GVA-fastqc) tacc:~$" you can continue directly to the Read Mapping Tutorial or launch an idev session

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