This section contains information regarding the ZOHO LIMS system we use at the GSAF.

The link to the ZOHO is:


  1. GSAF:Glossary
  2. GSAF:Menus
  3. GSAF:Index of Individual Pages
  4. GSAF:Typical Workflows


The Glossary contains information about commonly encountered terminology when using the GSAF LIMS system.


  1. User Accessible Forms and Reports - forms that are available for our clients to see and edit. These involve actions such as creating a new accoutn, submitting information for a new job, and viewing information on their sample processing such as QC Data.
    1. Create New Job
    2. Add or Edit Sample Data
    3. Job Information Report
    4. Create New Account
    5. Edit Account Information
    6. Create New User

  2. GSAF Staff: Create New.... - forms that are used to create new QC IDs for the various sample processing steps involved in sequencing. These involve QC steps such as BA, qPCR, etc., emPCR, and the actual sequencing run itself.
    1. Create New emPCR Run
    2. Create New Bead Lot
    3. Create New Sample Set
    4. Create New QC Run
    5. Create New Sequencing Run
    6. QCDataForm

  3. GSAF Staff: Enter Data... - forms that are used for entering QC data.
    1. SOLiD_WFA_Data
    2. Enter or edit emPCR QC Data

  4. GSAF Staff: View... - pages used to view already-created forms (such as emPCRs, sample sets, bead lots, etc.)
    1. JobSubmission View
    2. SampleForm View
    3. QCForm View
    4. QCDataForm View
    5. EMPCRForm View
    6. Sequencing Runs View
    7. Account View
    8. UserInfo View
    9. Sample Set View
    10. BA QC Needed

  5. Rest of the stuff - billing, history, administrator stuff...will work on this later.

Index of Individual Pages

  1. Job/JA related:
    1. Create New Job
    2. Add or Edit Sample Data
    3. JobSubmission View
  2. Sample related:
    1. [GSAF:Add or Edit Sample Data
    2. Sample Form View
  3. QC (not emPCR) related:
    1. Create New QC Run
    2. QCDataForm
    3. QCForm View
    4. QCDataForm View
    5. BA QC Needed
  4. Sample Set related:
    1. Create New Sample Set
    2. Sample Set View
  5. emPCR related:
    1. Create New emPCR Run
    2. Enter or edit emPCR QC Data
    3. EMPCR Form View
  6. Bead lot related:
    1. Create New Bead Lot
  7. Sequencing run related:
    1. Create New Sequencing Run
    2. Sequencing Runs View

Typical Workflows

  1. Creating a new job
  2. Doing QC (BA, qPCR, or Fluroimetry)
  3. Setting up an emPCR
  4. Setting up a sequencing run
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