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BME TA Positions

The Department of Biomedical Engineering has teaching assistant positions available in fall and spring each year. The Fall and Spring TA applications are typically launched in June and October, respectively. All MSE only students in BME are encouraged to apply. Most BME TA positions are benefits-eligible, which includes full tuition remission and medical insurance. Students who are selected for a TA position are given a formal offer each semester. 

Fall and Spring TA positions in BME are prioritized to BME PhD students first, BME MSE students second, and students outside of BME third. 

Summer TA positions are limited and we do not solicit applications in summer. 

TA Positions Outside of BME

BME MSE students are encouraged to apply for TA positions in other departments relative to their knowledge and skillset, including math, statistics, biology, chemistry, and other engineering departments. To inquire about positions available in other departments, please contact their Graduate Coordinator. A list of all Graduate Coordinators on campus can be found here. Note that each program has its own TA application and hiring processes, and not all TA positions on campus are benefits-eligible.

Other Opportunities on Campus

Both academic and non-academic job opportunities exist on campus for graduate students. The Graduate Coordinator makes advertised jobs available to graduate students both through email and through the weekly newsletter. Students should also do their own research and inquire about jobs on campus. 

Texas Career Engagement manages a graduate student campus jobs listserv. Use this link to subscribe to the listserv

Employment may be available through the Sanger Learning Center.

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