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This page contains training required for members of CII research teams. Our goal is to quickly onboard new members to research projects by providing a broad overview of CII research. The series of videos below cover CII research goals, programs, organization, and process.

Both industry members and academics are required to complete the training. This training will help you to understand the expectation, value, and different ways to participate. If you never participated in a research team before, this will help you to understand how CII manages the project and how members participate. 

There are four videos for industry members and academics. We ask you to watch these videos and take a quick survey at the end. Academics that are new to CII research should also watch the videos and take the survey. 

We ask you to complete this training (by submitting the survey) no later than one week before your kickoff meeting.

Part 1: Introduction to CII Research

Part 2: CII Research Program

Part 3: The CII Research Process

Part 4: CII Research Organization

Part 5: Survey and Confidentiality Agreement

Please click on the link below to access a short survey. The submission of the survey is required for new research team members. The estimated completion time is 3-4 minutes.

Please click the below link to download the CII confidentiality agreement.

CII Confidentiality Policy

Please email your signed confidentiality agreement to Kristi Delaney ( 

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