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Noah De Lissovoy, Chairperson2017-2019
Allison Skerrett, Associate Chair2017-2019

Standing Committees

Graduate Admissions Committee GPAC members

Charge: develop and review departmental criteria for admissions

Faculty MemberTerm
Joan Hughes, Chair2017-2019
Jo Worthy2012-2019
Jennifer Adair2016-2019
Anthony Brown2012-2019
Elaine Horwitz2018-2019
Catherine Riegle-Crumb2014-2019
Liu Min2015-2019
Louis Harrison2015-2019
Luis Urrieta2018-2019

Programs and Courses Committee

Charge: review course and program revisions and proposals

Faculty MemberTerm
Anthony Brown, Chair2018-2019
Melissa Wetzel2016-2019
Flavio Azevedo2017-2019
Luis Urrieta2017-2019
Grace Kim2017-2019
Fikile Nxumalo2018-2019
Cinthia Salinasex officio
Joan Hughesex officio

Travel Awards Committee

Charge: review and rank applications for travel awards Professional Development and Collaboration Awards- Fall, Spring and Summer

Faculty MemberTerm 
Eric Knuth, Chair2018-2019
Victor Sampson2017-2019
Liu Min2017-2019
Tracey Flores2017-2019
Paul Resta2018-2019
Tia Madkins2018-2019
Denise Dávila2018-2019
Joan Hughesex officio
Stephen Flynnex officio

Fellowships & Other Awards Committee

Charge: review and rank student applications for University Continuing Fellowships Fall and other university, college, and departmental fellowships and awards Spring.

Faculty MemberTerm
Chris Brown, Chair2018-2019
Louis Harrison2017-2019
Elaine Horwitz2017-2019
Anthony Petrosino2017-2019
Keffrelyn Brown2018-2019
Jim Hoffman2018-2019
Joan Hughesex officio
Stephen Flynnex officio

Foundations, Research, and Common Course Committee

Charge: scheduling all required foundations courses and all required research courses Master’s, Quant., Qual. and any common courses Supervision of Teaching; approving substitutions in programs of work review and forward to Programs and Courses Committee proposals for new research courses

Faculty MemberTerm
Jennifer Adair, Chair2018-2019
Katie Payne, Asst. Chair2018-2019
Christopher Brown, Systems of Human Inquiry2011-2019
Noah De Lissovoy, Curriculum Theory2012-2019
Catherine Riegle-Crumb, Intro to Quant2011-2019
Jo Worthy, Intro to Qual2015-2019
Allison Skerrett, Supervision of Teaching2012-2019
Keffrelyn Brown, Sociocultural Foundations2011-2019
Katie Payne, Teaching and Teacher Education2014-2019
Jennifer Adair, Adv Qual Methods2016-2019
Xiaofen Keating, Mixed Methods & Adv Quant Methods2013-2019
Elaine Horwitz, Ed Research and Design2018-2019
Joan Hughesex officio
Cinthia Salinasex officio

Ad Hoc Nominating Committee

Charge: solicit nominations and make recommendations for GSC Chair and GSC Secretary. Report at final Spring meeting.

Faculty MemberTerm
Beth Maloch, Chair2015-2019
Maria Gonzalez-Howard2017-2019
Paty Abríl-Gonzalez2018-2019
Jill Marshall2018-2019
Cinthia Salinasex officio

Curriculum and Instruction

Affiliated Programs:

Information For:

Contact Information

Main Office
George I. Sánchez Building
4th Floor, Room 406
Phone: (512) 471-5942
Fax: (512) 471-8460

Mailing Address
Department of Curriculum and Instruction University of Texas at Austin
1912 Speedway STOP D5700
Austin, TX 78712-1293

Additional Information

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