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Welcome to a new semester!  CNS OIT would like to take the time to remind all faculty, staff, researchers, and students of a few items that might be of value to anyone within the College. Please run through as many of the items below as possible. Our experience has identified that many of these may help prepare or improve the services we offer.

CategorySubCategoryLast Updated



GETTING STARTEDNew Employees8/19/2019

Office Moves

Instructional Computer Request8/19/2019

Instructional Classroom IT Requests

Computer Replacement Requests

Network Access (WiFi/Wired/Guest)

Reporting Technical Issues

Available Software

Computing Hardware Options

Email/Calendar Configurations

File Storage Options

Inventory Control
UPDATESDesktop Support

Software Support

CNS-Specific Services


Networking Projects

Inventory Control

Major IT Projects

Critical Dates and Deadlines:

Instructional Classroom IT Requests - Deadline for Summer 2020 deployment - March 15, 2020

Instructional Laptop Request - Deadline for Instructional Requests - (3 weeks before start of semester): Fall 2019-August 7, 2019, Spring 2020-Dec 20, 2020, Summer 2020-May 15, 2020

New Employee Hardware Requests - Please submit at a minimum 2 weeks prior to new hire's start date. Please note that there is a dependency on HR and employee flags being set before they are able to access UT services.

Exiting Employee Requests - Please submit at a minimum 2 weeks prior to exiting employee's last date. Please note that UT services cancel when HR flags are activated. It is best to work with your HR department and employee to address any data needed from email, box shares and their current system.

New Hardware Replacements - Please note that priority is given to system replacements that are addressing a system outage. System replacement geared to update/upgrade functioning hardware are address with a lower priority.

Incident Reporting College Wide:

SNow Incident Report 2019.08.19.pdf

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