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XMPP, Jabber


Please contact the CNS Helpdesk for a CNS Chat account:

Chat client configuration

XMPP, Jabber, Messages, iChat, Pidgin, Adium

For your information

Any CNS chat account can send messages to any other CNS chat account, whether they are in your Buddies list or not, by opening a new chat and using the following format in the ‘TO” field:

Required Steps:

  1. Submit a ticket to the CNS Helpdesk ( with your EID and the group you are associated with requesting access to the chat server, and specify which group(s) you want to see in your buddy list. 

  2. You will receive confirmation that the account has been created.

  3. Follow the appropriate configuration instructions for your preferred chat client (see below)


  1. Launch Pidgin
  2. Click "Add..."
  3. "Protocol" is XMPP
  4. "Username" is yourEID
  5. "Domain" is
  6. "Password" is your EID password
  7. "Local Alias" is your preferred nickname (displayed to others).
  8. Accept the certificate.


  1. Launch Adium
  2. File > Add Account > XMPP (Jabber)
  3. Jabber ID:
  4. "Password" is your EID password

Recommended Personalizations

  • Compact Buddy List - Open "Buddies" at the top of the Buddies list. Expand the "Show" section, and uncheck ’Buddy Details’. 
  • Compact Conversation Tabs List - Open "Tools" at the top left of the Buddy List. Select "Preferences". In the Interface tab, under the Tab section, change the Placement drop down to Left and click Close.

  • Display Recent Conversations - Open "Tools" at the top left of the Buddy List. Select Plugins. Check the box next to "History". Click "Close".