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1. Open Thunderbird and click the menu icon.

2. Click "Options"

3. Click "Account Settings"


4. Click "Account Actions"

5. Click "Add Mail Account..."


6. In the "Your Name:" box, type the name you wish to appear on email you send from this account. Be sure to type the full email address in the "Email Address:" box. Type the password associated with your email in the "Password" box.

7. Click "Continue".


8. Wait...


9. Wait a little bit more...


10. Type the information exactly as it as seen in the box below.

11. Type the name of your email address before the "@" symbol in both the "incoming" and "outgoing" boxes. So if your email address was "", you would type "cnsithelpdesk".

12. Click "Re-test"



13. Once the Re-test has updated the server settings, click "Done"


       Exception: If the re-test does not auto-assign you the correct server information, please use the following:

    • Outgoing server should be “
    • Incoming server port is 993
    • Outgoing server port is 587

14. Click "OK"


15. Your setup should now be complete. It may take some time for your mail to download from the server. Please submit a ticket to CNS IT if you experience any trouble during this process.

You can submit a ticket here: