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a few notes: 

  • Why do you need this: this is a two parter. Google mail (UT branded google mail which ITS refers to as UTMail at does not have a directory lookup system. Office365 at (O365 email addresses that are typically email addresses) mailbox setups ONLY search within the GAL (Global Address List) for UT's O365 system. Adding the Main UT Directory to your Outlook helps you get search results for people who have made their information public on the website. 
  • Searching for Contacts is not as good as it should be in Microsoft Outlook for Mac. ITO just tries to help you with what we are given.
  • Using the regular Search function up in the top right will yield search results based on the buttons that are selected up top in the Search button bar where the button bar menu tabs say Home, Organize, Tools, Search, if you are in your main Mailbox view. You can narrow or broaden this regular Outlook search result by clicking the button bar items such as Current Folder, or All Contacts, or All Items.
  • Search results can be dependent on how people choose to display their Display Name. the default is "LastName, Firstname". However, Mine is "Firstname Lastname", no comma. Try both ways if no results come up.

  1. in Outlook, go up to the menu bar and over on the left where it says Outlook, click Outlook and slide down to where it says Preferences.
  2. Preferences will show all the Preference buttons you can select, and usually General will be selected, but if it's not, choose Accounts.
  3. in Accounts, down on the lower left corner, click the + sign and choose Directory Service
  4. in LDAP Server, type in
  5. click Add Account
  6. once you Add account, make sure that the directory has been added. it typically automatically adds it as Utexas because it hasn't been properly named. in Account Description, change the name to Main UT Directory
  7. down on the lower right in the same Accounts window, click Advanced
  8. set the Maximum number of results to return to 50.
  9. type dc=directory,dc=utexas,dc=edu as the search base, exactly as written here.
  10. click OK
  11. you can now close the Accounts preferences window by clicking in the X way over on the topmost left of the Accounts preferences window
  12. if you would like to do a test search, up in the Button bar in the box that says Find a Contact, type in the Contact you are searching for. you can broaden or focus your search results in the window that pops up that says Search Contacts and Rooms by clicking the popup item next to where it should say Search All Fields in the results window. if it doesn't say Search All Fields, it may say Search Names Only. so in the popup beside that where it says "in" you can slide down to where it says Main UT Directory and try to find a Contact that you've never added to your contacts cards before. Maybe pick someone random like Del Conte (the current UT Athletics VP and Director).
  13. If Del Conte, or whoever you search for comes up in search results, you can right click on the result, or ctrl click, and have a few choices you can make. 
    1. New Email to Contact
    2. New Meeting with Contact
    3. Copy (which offers further choices like Name, Email address, Phone Number, Job Title)
    4. Add to my Contacts
  14. if no search results pop up, it could be that the Outlook search is very finicky. for example, for me, a search for Conte did not show up no matter if I chose Search All Fields in All Folders, but it did yield results if I narrowed the results to Main UT Directory, even though I had just added Del Conte to my Contacts in my test search to write this wiki article. the bug may be relegated to people with spaces in their last name, like Del Conte.