Current UT Austin faculty, staff, and students can use Microsoft Office 365 free of charge through a license agreement UT Austin has with Microsoft. The current UT Austin license agreement allows an individual to use Microsoft Office 365 on up to (5) computers. When you use any of the Office 365 applications, you have to sign into it with your UT Austin Office 365 user account in order to activate the entire Office 365 installation on the computer with a license allocated to your UT account. Office 365 license usage is based on sign-ins. You can install Office 365 onto as many computers as you want, but only (5) can be activated at any given time using the licenses allocated to your UT Austin account.

If you sign into a Microsoft Office 365 installation with your UT Austin account and you are already at your (5) computer sign-in limit, Microsoft will automatically sign you out of one of the other instances of Office 365 you previously signed into. When this happens you won't lose any data on the Office 365 installation that you were automatically signed out of. You will just need to sign into Microsoft Office 365 on that computer again in order to activate and use it. Keep in mind when you do this and if you are still at your (5) computer sign-in limit, Microsoft will automatically sign you out of another Office 365 installation in order to free up a license for you to use on the current computer you are trying to sign into.

How to Obtain a UT Austin Microsoft Office 365 Account

Faculty and staff are allocated a Microsoft Office 365 account automatically through automatic generation of their @austin.utexas.edu email account at the time of employment. The @austin.utexas.edu email address is their Microsoft Office 365 username. Students and anyone else that qualifies for a free UT Austin Microsoft Office 365 account can request one using a web form.

How to Determine What Computers and Devices Have Office 365 Activated With One of Your Allocated Licenses

Load the https://office365.austin.utexas.edu website and click the menu option "Office 365 Portal"

Log into the portal website with your UT EID

In the upper right corner of the website that loads up after login, click on your name. This will cause a window to appear. In this window click on the link labeled "View account"

In the account information web page that loads, in the left menu click the item labeled "Office apps"

In the web page that loads, click the little arrow next to the label "DEVICES". This will display all devices that you have currently installed Microsoft Office 365 and are using a license with. If the total number of computers is (5) then you do not have any additional licenses remaining. You can free up a license by pressing the "Sign out" link next to one of the devices. This will deactivate/disable Microsoft Office 365 on this device which will free up a license for you to use on another computer.

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