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UTBox approved for sharing FERPA data

UTBox is currently the only approved document-sharing service for FERPA data with non-UT people.

Step 1 - Share Folders

Follow the instructions for sharing a UTBox folder. For Principals and Cooperating Teachers, when you get to the step where you need to specify email addresses of non-UT people to share the folder with, send the folder sharing invitation to their official school district email address.

Below are the folders to share and the folder permission you should assign when you share the folder:

Folder HierarchyField Supervisor PermissionCooperating Teacher PermissionWho Invites
Top Level Cohort FolderCo-ownerDo not share folderPDS Coordinator

Student Teacher Folder

*InheritedViewer UploaderField Supervisor

Permissions Automatically Apply To Sub-Folders and Files

If you share a folder with someone, they will automatically be able to access any sub-folder with the same permissions so there is no need to repeat the sharing process for each sub-folder. In the chart above *Inherited means you don't need to share that folder since it will already be accessible to the person via their access to the top level cohort folder. For example if you grant a field supervisor access to a top level cohort folder, they will be able to click on that shared folder in the Box website to open it. They will then see and be able to access ALL of the sub-folders and files inside of the cohort folder such as the folders for individual student teachers.


Step 2 - Notify Everyone to Accept The Folder Sharing Invitation

If you haven't already, notify everyone you shared folders with that they should expect to receive an automated email from the service. The email will contain a button labeled "Accept Invite" which they should click on to accept the invitation and create a new account (if they don't already have one associated with the email address you specified in the folder sharing invitation.) It should only take 5 minutes or so for the automated folder sharing invitation email to get sent out once you complete the folder sharing process. People may need to check their email spam folder if they report they have not received the email.


The screenshot to the right shows an example of what a folder sharing invitation email looks like. The "Accept Invite" button displayed in the email is what people need to click on to accept your folder sharing invitation.



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