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The UT Secure Messaging System is a web-based application that current faculty and staff can use to create and send secure messages to UT faculty, staff, students or anyone outside of the University. You can add small file attachments to your messages if you want.

To create a secure message you must be a current UT faculty or staff member but to receive and read a secure message you only need an EID. Anyone can get an EID (even people who are not current UT faculty, staff or students). The UT Secure Messaging System has been approved by the UT Information Security Office to handle Confidential data.
  1. Get the EID username for the person you want to send the secure message to. If the person does not have an EID or does not remember what it is, they can go to the following URL to get it: . Anyone can obtain an EID. The person does not need to be a current UT Austin faculty, staff, or student.
  2. Once you know the person's EID you can proceed to the UT Secure Messaging System to write your message. Open your web browser and load the following URL:
  3. Once you load the UT Secure Messaing System website, click the link labeled "Send Secure Message" in the menu on the left side of the web page.
  4. You will then be presented with a screen with an option to use a Wizard which will walk you through the process of creating a secure message or you can by-pass the wizard and use the advanced all-in-one form. If you are unfamiliar with the UT Secure Messaging System it would be best to start out with using the Wizard.
  5. After you have constructed your secure message and sent it, the receiver of the secure message will receive an email in their inbox. The email they receive will say that a secure message has been sent to them by you and there will be a web link in the email the person can click on to load your secure message in their web browser. When the person clicks on that link they will be taken to a web page which will ask them to log in with their EID. Once they log in they will be able to read your message.
TIP: You can send a secure message to yourself if you want to test the system to see how it will work.
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