The steps invited participants need to take to join a Zoom meeting are:

  • Receive Zoom Invitation

  • Install Zoom (first time only)

  • Join Zoom Meeting (two options)

    Receive Zoom Invitation

    • When you receive your zoom invitation, it will look something like this: 

    • On your invitation you will need to click the link located under "Join Zoom Meeting" (highlighted above in the red box). This link will take you to a webpage and will prompt to download the Zoom installer.
    • If the web page does not automatically open when you click on the link, you may need to copy and paste the link into your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc).
  • Install Zoom

    • The web page should automatically start downloading Zoom.pkg. If it does not automatically start the download, follow the instructions on screen.
    • You will be prompted by an orange alert to open the package that has been downloaded. Click on the package
    • If the package is not available at the bottom of your browser, check your Downloads folder, or Desktop, to see if it saved in those locations.

    • After clicking on the package, you will see an installation program pop up:
    • Click "continue" through all of the menus. You may need to put in your computer password to complete the installation

Join Zoom Meeting (Two Options)

  • Option 1 (for first time use) 
    • In the invitation click on the link under "Join Zoom Meeting" (and now skip to When In A Meeting for further instruction)

  • Option 2 (for every subsequent use)
    • When you open Zoom, you will be taken to the starting menu:
    • You will want to click on "Join a Meeting"
    • After clicking on "Join a Meeting" you will be taken to a menu to fill out your Zoom information, such as name and meeting ID
    • The meeting ID can be found at the bottom of the Zoom invitation you received
    • Type this meeting ID into the "Meeting ID or "Personal Link Name" field in the Zoom menu
    • It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not check "Don't connect to audio" and "Turn off my video" 
      (Other participants will NOT be able to hear or see you if you have these boxes checked)

  • When In A Meeting
    • When you first join a meeting, there may be a pop up asking about your computer audio/video preferences
    • Typically, the "Join with Computer Audio" will be a green button. Click on that button to join with your computer's built in microphone and speakers
      • If your computer does not have a built in microphone and/or speaker (like in the picture on the right), you will need plug in a microphone and/or speaker source
    • In the bottom left corner, you will see two options: "Join Audio" and "Start Video"
    • You can mute/activate your audio or hide your camera with these two buttons. If you accidentally checked the "Don't connect to audio" or "Turn off my video" buttons, this is how to fix that.

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