This quick start guide is for employees who are logging into their newly issued Windows computer for the first time while doing so off-campus. Off-campus Windows users have to take a few additional steps when logging into their computers for the first time while off-campus.

Log Into Windows For the First Time

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You will need to log into your computer with your UT EID account. If you are off-campus your UT EID will not work on your computer if you have never logged into it before UNLESS you first connect to the UT VPN service. Instructions for connecting to the UT VPN service while at the Windows login screen are as follows:


First establish a network connection if you are not already connected to a wired network. At the Windows login screen look towards the lower right hand corner of the screen for some icons as shown in the screenshot to the right. If you don't see these icons you may need to first press the Ctrl, Alt, Delete keys simultaneously on your keyboard as prompted to by the login screen.

Click the network icon noted in the screenshot to the right in order to bring up the network connection screen. This usually needs to be done if the computer is on WiFi so you need to ensure you are connected to the WiFi network first. You will see a list of available WiFi networks to connect to when you click the network icon. Select your WiFi network and then enter the WiFi information you are prompted for (i.e. WiFi network password).


After connecting to the WiFi network, click on the VPN icon to establish a UT VPN connection. The VPN icon is noted in the screenshot to the right. In the Cisco AnyConnect window that appears you will need to specify the UT VPN server address if it isn't already there. The server address to use is After you specify the UT VPN server address press the Connect button. You will then be prompted to log into the UT VPN service with your UT EID credentials and you'll also need to perform a two-factor login with the UT Duo service.


The computer should now be able to communicate to the UT EID servers on the UT campus network at this point. So you can proceed with typing in your UT EID username and password in the Windows Login Window username/password fields to log into the computer.

4Done. After you log into the computer once, you don't need to connect to the UT VPN every time you log into your computer. You only need to do this once so your login information is cached onto the computer.

Activate Computer Backup Software

The University's UT Backup service uses backup software named "Code42" (formerly named "CrashPlan"). You will need to activate this software and link it to your UT EID before it will start backing up your data on your computer. Failure to activate the backup software on your computer may result in data loss if your computer malfunctions.

1From the Windows Start menu, launch the program “Code42
2A window will appear to enter a username and server address. For username enter your UT EID. For server address use:

3When prompted enter your EID password.
4After you log in that will activate the backup program and link it to your UT EID. At this point inform the technical support staff that has been assisting you with your computer deployment that you have activated the CrashPlan program on your computer. Technical support will then verify your computer is properly backing up to the UT backup servers.