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Set up user accounts:

  1. Start up computer, at the log in screen choose your EID account (not EID-admin)
  2. Enter the temporary password Austin123
  3. After logging in, connect to your home wireless network
  4. Connect to UT VPN:
    1. In the menu bar click the Go menu, then choose Applications.
    2. Open the Cisco folder, open Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility
    3. Enter, click Connect.
    4. In the Username field enter your EID.
    5. In the First password field enter your EID password.
    6. In the second password field is for Duo: if you have Duo set up on your phone, type push. Your other choices are phone to have Duo call you, or sms to send you codes for the third box. You can scroll down at the bottom of the login window to see the options.
    7. Click OK.
    8. After you authenticate with Duo you will be connected to UT VPN.
  5. In your menu bar, click the triangle icon.
  6. Choose Sign In (see below)
  7. A window called "Sign-in with UT EID to sync your password with MacOS" will appear:
  8. In the Password field enter your EID password, then click Sign In.
  9. In the next window enter the temporary password: Austin123
  10. Click Sync.
    1. This process changes the temporary password to your EID password.
  11. Click Apple icon, go to System Preferences, then choose Users and Groups.
  12. Unlock the pane by clicking on the lock icon, you will then be prompted to enter credentials.
    1. In the username field enter yourEID-admin, in the password field enter Austin123. Click Unlock.
  13. After unlocking the pane, choose your EID-admin in the list of accounts.
  14. Click the Change Password button.
  15. Enter your EID password, verify your password. You can leave the password hint field blank.
  16. Click Change Password.
  17. Close the Users & Groups window.
  18. The next time you need to log into your computer, choose your EID account, enter your EID password log in.
  19. Whenever administrator credentials are required enter the username as your EID-admin, the password is your EID password.

Log into applications:

ITO advises users to use Outlook instead of Apple Mail. Apple Mail is still supported by ITO, but Mail has known issues with Office 365 email.

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. In the UT log in window enter your EID password.
  4. Authenticate using Duo.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Your mailbox will appear in the Outlook sidebar.
  7. If you have additional mailboxes:
    1. In the menu bar, Click Outlook, then choose Preferences.
    2. Choose Accounts.
    3. Click the plus (plus) button, then choose New account.
    4. Enter the mailbox email address, click Continue.
    5. When the UT login window appears: in the username field, enter your EID, in the password field enter your EID password.
    6. Authenticate using Duo
    7. Click Done.
    8. The mailbox will appear in your Outlook sidebar.
  8. If you need to add shared calendars:
    1. In Outlook, go to the calendar.
    2. Click Open Shared Calendar.
    3. Search for the calendar by name, choose the calendar.
    4. Click Open.
    5. If the calendar doesn't open right away: try exiting Outlook by going to Outlook, choose Quit Outlook. Then open Outlook again.
  9. If you receive the following message in Outlook: check the box next to "Always use my response for this server", click the Allow button

If you prefer to use Apple Mail instructions are located here:


  1. Open the zoom app.
    1. Zoom should be located in your dock, if it isn't go to Applications/
  2. Choose Sign in with SSO.
  3. In the domain field enter utexas, click Continue.
  4. Log in using your EID and EID password.
  5. Follow this link to install Zoom for Outlook:
    1. Click the Get it now button. 
    2. Enter your email address.
    3. Click Continue.
    4. You should get a message: "Successfully added to your account..."
    5. When you create a new appointment/meeting in Outlook, zoom options will now appear.
  6. Zoom will prompt for permission to use your microphone and camera. Click OK if prompted.
    1. You can check your camera and microphone settings by clicking in the menu bar, choose Preferences. Then go to Audio or Video.


  1. Go to your Applications folder, open
  2. When the log in window appears enter your email as
  3. Log in using your EID and EID password.
  4. Authenticate using Duo.
  5. After you log in your Box folder will appear on your desktop.

Microsoft Teams is a chat application used to communicate with UT faculty and staff. If you would like to create a Team for your group please email ITO at

  1. Microsoft Teams should be located in your dock, if it isn't go to Applications\Microsoft
  2. Enter your UT email address.
  3. When the UT log in window appears enter your EID password.
  4. Authenticate using Duo.
  5. The Teams app will appear after you log in.

Once you're done following these instructions please follow up with the ITO staff who deployed the computer to you. They can assist you with any questions you have and set up backups for your new computer. You can also email ITO if you have IT related requests or questions at