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The university's online calendar,, aka Texas Today, is powered by a a third party service called Localist and is managed by the University Communications office. Learn more about the service on the University Communications wiki page: UT Calendar (Sarah and the Web team work directly with them to set up the following feeds)

The following information is provided to empower you to manage your own events but it can get complicated and the COFA Web team is more than happy to help. Please don't hesitate to contact us,

A great place to start is with the general overview and best practices for events management on our Instruction site 

Automatic Sharing

Content editors can check a box to automatically share events to the university calendar on the department and unit Drupal websites created by and managed by the COFA Web team. Once the box is checked, events are automatically sent to the university calendar through an iCal feed. (Note, events shared through these feeds do not send images. In order to be selected to be featured on the UT homepage an event must be submitted at least 10 days in advance of the event and be accompanied by "high-quality" imagery.)

Current feeds:

Manual Sharing

Anyone can submit an event manually by logging in

If you have special access (see below), there is a "Redirect Loop" bug that you may run into, if you click the "Submit an Event" button before clicking into the Admin area. 
You will need to click the "Admin" link, followed by clicking the "Add an Event" button. 

Editing Events

Anyone can edit their own manually entered events. 
Special access (see below) allows us to access any COFA related event from any of our departments, including those that are automatically created by the feed
Logging in with your EID to: 

Refined Search allows you to select only your department and select only your feed from the "Import Type."


As noted in the instruction siteyou must manually delete all events from all calendars

Adding Images, Value and Get Featured

You're encouraged to log in to the university calendar to edit all high profile events whether they are entered manually or automatically. Add a high quality image and lots of juicy publicity info.

Special Access

Ask the COFA Web team to grant you access by emailing

The following people have been granted access to edit COFA events:

Chris Romani
Cameron Weed 
Cassie  Gholston,
Megan  Bommarito
Hunter Thomas
Page Stephens
Erica De Leon
Alicia  Dietrich 
Jennifer Catchings 
Lauren MacKnight
Sarah Snow 
Sonja Larson
Steve Portch
Micheal Arbore
Nada Dorman
Clare C Donnelly
Ronnie Edwards
Stephanie Sandova

Recommended Workflow

  1. Create Events on your own website. Read all instructions carefully.
  2. When you are ready to send the event to the UT Calendar, check the box.
    1. The Summary, Title, Location, Dates and Times come from your website.
    2. You will also want to select the location from the "Map This Event to a Place on the University Calendar" if it is available.
    3. Use the Optional Title and Summary fields if it is necessary to provide more context on an external calendar. For example, the Title might be "Tour" on your website which would be better as "Department Tour" on an external website.
  3. When it's time to really push the PR for your event, you must have special access (see below) to log in to the university calendar, Click the "Admin" button and find your event to edit. Add an Image, Ticket or Admissions info, Keywords, Social Media.
    1. if you need to edit the  Summary, Title, Location, Dates or Times you must edit it on your own website.
  4. Hope that University Communications chooses to feature your event.

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