How to Learn the New Interface


Avid Learning Services and Marketing have produced a series of videos to help new users learn Media Composer, and adapt to the new interface.  These have been posted to the Avid website and various social channels.  For your convenience, here is a link to the playlist on Avid’s YouTube channel, as well as links to the individual videos.


Avid’s YouTube playlist:



Series Title 

Video Title 



A Quick Introduction to Media Composer

Installing, Activating & Updating

Account Activation

Downloading & Installing with Avid Link

How to Access Support & Avid Community

Project Setup & Media Management

Using the Source Browser

Adjusting Your Import Settings

Importing Media

Organizing Your Project

Logging Footage

Editing, Coloring, Effects & Audio

How to Navigate & Customize the Interface

Assembling your first Edit

Basic Transitions

Keyboard Shortcuts

3D Warp Tool

Export & Delivery

Exporting the Final Sequence

AAF Export

Exporting an IMF Package

What’s New

32-bit Floating Point Pipeline

New User Experience & Interface

The Bin Container

The Inspector

The Updated Timeline

Edit, Color, Effects & Audio Workspaces


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