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Click on Windows on the top navigation bar > Workspaces > Color Correction

Use the Automatic HSL (Hue Saturation and Luminance) fix on all the clips in the timeline for a quick one-time pass color correction session.

Select the HSL

Tab (Hue, Saturation, Luminance)

Make sure that “Hue

Offsets” is selected.

These buttons are

the “Auto Color Correction Tools”

Auto Balance – Removes Color Casts

Auto Black – Adjusts the black to the richest levels of black – removes milky look

Auto Contrast – Adjusts for the best possible contrast between black and white

To apply place cursor on the clip to apply color correction and click:

Apply and change in this order:

Auto Black

Auto Contrast

Auto Balance

Click the – Dual Split Icon will show the before and after color correction

Before is on the left and after on the right

To move to the previous or next uncorrected shot, press these buttons

To apply an auto color fix on all the clips in the the timeline click on the “Color Correction Mode Setting”

Click on the AutoCorrect tab

On each pulldown menu, select the action that each pulldown will apply.

Set these to the same auto workflow as the previous steps in this helpsheet.

Auto Black

Auto Contrast

Auto Balance

In that order – then click OK

To apply these Correction Mode Settings to multiple ciips…

Change the Windows > Workspaces > Effects Editing

Select the “Segment” tool and select all the clips in the timeline

In the project window, select the effects tab > Image >  Double click “Color Correction” option. This will apply onto all selected clips.

Then you can go into the color correction tool to compare the before and after and tweak the settings if needed.

Make sure the video quality menu is set to full green and then render all effects before export.