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Checking and Changing Project Sample Rate
Avid will not let you do a digital cut to tape if there are differing sample rates in your project's audio.
The easiest way to fix the situation is to check what your project sample rate is and change the sample rate of the entire sequence to match it.
The standard for this lab is 48 kHz for a sample rate. 1. To check your project sample rate, click on the settings tab in your project window and
select Audio Project 2. The Audio Project Settings window will pop up.

3. Change the sample rate by clicking on the Sample Rate menu and choosing 48 kHz or your desired sample rate.

How To Correct Sample Rate Inconsistencies within a Sequence
1. Click on your sequence icon in the bin.
2. Choose Avid Menu > Bin > Change Sample Rate...
3. The Change Sample Rate window will come up.

4. Change the Sample Rate to 48khz or your desired Sample Rate to match your project Sample Rate.
• Leave Quality at High.
• You don't need to delete Original Media unless you have a space problem.
5. Choose where your new audio will go, either your firewire drive or the Scratch disk of the computer.
6. Hit OK.